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Guaranteed Loans

You can visit our website and borrow a short term loan online. There's a high chance of your application getting same day approval. In the last year, we gave out unsecured loans to 98% of applicants. Because of the high approval rate, we say guaranteed loans. If you fit with our basic requirement you could get this guaranteed loan any time for any purpose.

No Guarantor Loans

In the case of long term loans, lenders invariably ask for a guarantor for the money advanced. A guarantor might any person who trusts you, like your partner, relatives, or a close friend. This person makes a promise to the lender to take over your loan if you default. In life, there's not always time to convince somebody to back you up. Most people hesitate to take on such kind of risk.

If you have bad credit, it only makes things worse. If you can identify with this situation, we have the right option for you: no guarantor loans. Our no guarantor loans, designed for the average UK citizen, are small loans given for a short period. We don't ask for a third person to co-sign your loan agreement. You only need to provide a few details like income and identity proof to get these loans. Regardless of whether you have good credit, a sum up-to £20,000 can be borrowed after same day approval. These loans carry a repayment period between 2 and 24 months. Take note of the fact that lenders usually offer high APR deals as lending without collateral is a substantial risk for them.


No, in line with our company policies, we don't require you to have somebody supporting you for a loan. Guarantor loans are different in that they are generally long-term and of a large sum. Little loans are for such short periods that you won't even realize when you paid back everything you owed.

The purpose of non-guarantor loans is to cope with the situation when you need emergency money. But, big lenders usually don't want risks and prefer conducting a lengthy credit check before. If you have poor credit, your chances of passing this filter test would be considerably low. You can improve your chances of getting accepted by applying with a lender like us who give fast loans without probing much into your past. You should compare deals from lenders who offer a "loan without a guarantor".

You may use this no guarantor loan for any purpose you want. You may use to pay off Your debts, house improvement, buy new furniture, pay off medical bills or school fees, or you may even use this fund to go for a vacation. a non-sponsor loan is the best option that can help in such needs. The loan can be taken out for a longer time which will help to make your payments smaller.

Unsecured loans are offered without pledge any security like home, a car of any fixed assets. Rate of interest may high as compare to secured loans but such loans are the best options when u urgently need some fast cash.

Yes, we offer guaranteed loans for bad credit if they match basic requirements like you are between 18 to 65 years, employed, UK citizens only, etc.

Must Know ALL About Loans Without Guarantor

Are No Guarantor Loans Secured or Unsecured?

Let's first try and understand the difference between secured and unsecured loans. A secured loan is a sum of money lent against a personal asset of yours like home or car. It's a low risk for a lender to give loans on the security of collateral. If you fail to make repayments, your home or car will be taken away. In contrast to this, unsecured loans are given only on the basis of your creditworthiness. The lender doesn't have a right on any of your possessions if you unavoidably default.

No Guarantor loans are the latter type of loans- they are unsecured loans. Some of the key benefits of these loans are:
• You don't need to own a home or car
• They are given without a guarantor
• Having a perfect credit score is not a must

So, you see, unsecured loans are the best way out if you want urgent cash to cover a particular expense. Don't think twice for getting our No Guarantor loans. Apply now!


Don't hesitate if your credit history is bad or very bad, We do offer no guarantor loans for bad credit even some time for very bad credit, only you should be employed and must have a regular monthly income so you could repay this loan.

Do I qualify for a loan from Loans Direct

We ask that you fulfil just a few criteria to be eligible for our No Guarantor Loans:
• Age between 18 and 65 years
• Permanent UK resident
• Current UK bank account with attached debit card
• Take home salary should be at least £950 per month

All the applications we receive are subject to an affordability check for the welfare of our customers. This is to ensure we lend responsibly only to those who can afford to make repayments. Sometimes, extra documentation may be required.

Instant Loans No Guarantor

How much time does it take for loan approval?

Once you enter your details into the application form and submit it, our team will process it as soon as possible. While we can't comment on how much time it will take exactly, we aim to process applications and give approval within a span of 6 hours. During busy periods, the processing might take a little longer. Applications received outside of working hours will be processed first on the next working day.

Why to choose Loans direct?

√ Online application and instant approval without any credit check.
√ Highest success rate means guaranteed loans.
√ Online funding for UK citizen.
√ Unsecured loans for any purpose.
√ Very bad credit also accepted.
√ Choose easy repayment schedule.
√ Lowest APR rate. Loan without guarantor.
√ No upfront fees, no broker, no advance instalment
√ People on benefits and self-employed are also accepted
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