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Unsecured loans

Unsecured loans up to 20,000 pounds for any purpose, guaranteed loans without a guarantor.

Secured Loans

Get a loan against property up to 500,000 pounds at a very low rate of interest. Get fund up to 95 % of LTV.

Logbook loans

Use your car to get some instant cash up to 50,000 pounds, these loans are secured against your logbook.

Payday loans

Small loans for your urgent need until your next payday, no paperwork apply online and get money transferred into your bank account within 4 hours.

Home Loans

Are you planning to buy your dream home? Apply for bad credit home loans.get 90% fund of property value.

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Your dream car is only a click away, don't wait, fill our small form and drive your dream car the next day.


We have the best mortgage and remortgage deals for you, You could get 95 % of LTV at a very low rate of interest.

Long term loans

Loans direct offer you secured long term loans with a repayment schedule up to 30 years.


Yes, bad credit is considered if you have a steady income source to repay the loan.

No, Loans Direct never asks any fee or admin charges.

With an Unsecured Loan, you can borrow between £500 and £20,000 subject to your circumstances. And with a secured loan you can get up to £5,00,000.

No, Minimum age criteria are 18 years and you must be UK resident to get a loan with Loans Direct.

Bad credit loans

Bad Credit Loans No Guarantor Instant Approval

You made some wrong calculations in managing your finances? Need urgent cash and have been turned down by every bank? Have a less than perfect credit score? No worries. We understand that not everybody can have a very good credit score and that's okay.
A credit score is just a number after all. A number that is taken seriously everywhere. Sometimes, you may not have enough money to pay for utility, water bills or any unexpected expenses that crop up. We offer bad credit loans that can help you borrow small sums of money at low interest rates.
We do not ask for a guarantor in our application. Plus we promise a smooth and fast application process. What's more? Instant approval of your loan. Our advisors are there to help you with your financial situation. Did lenders refuse your application due to the presence of a bad credit? We are not one of them. A poor credit history is the last thing we look for. So you can easily apply for a bad credit loan with us. Take the benefit of fixed and low monthly repayments today.

Understanding Bad Credit Loans
Do you have very bad credit?

When your way of managing credit has not been satisfactory in the past, it may lead to bad credit. Basically, when you take a loan, credit card or any credit facility, you need to pay it back on time. You also need to pay the full amount you owe. If you don't do any of these things, you create a bad credit history. It shows that you aren't responsible enough to avail credit. Even a one-time missed payment has far-reaching consequences. You may be eligible for very bad credit loans if you've poorly managed your credit.

What is a credit file?

Whenever you borrow credit, it gets recorded in your credit file. A credit file stores how much money you borrowed, at what rate, from whom and whether you made timely repayments. Some of UK's popular credit reference agencies, Experian, Call Credit and Equifax maintain credit files of UK citizens. Each report contains personal information, such as your date of birth and previous addresses. They also maintain a copy of financial information like County Court Judgments (CCJs). When you're applying for bad credit loans, any lender will look for your credit score. But we don't.

What is a credit score?

Lenders use a financial tool called a credit score. It's unlikely that any big lender will give personal loans for people with bad credit. The lender will, therefore, calculate your credit score themselves. Or they may request you to allow them to check your credit file for your score. All the data in your credit report aggregates to give you a credit score. This helps to indicate how likely you are to default on your repayments. Usually, scores range from 0 to 999. It is a number that determines whether you are high-risk or low-risk for the lender. If you're a high-risk individual, our bad credit loans are the right option for you.

What is a bad credit score?

If you haven't managed your finances correctly, you are likely to be searching for loans for people with bad credit. That means, at some point, you've had difficulty making payments or made payments late. It could even mean you applied to too many places for credit in the past. All this can give you a bad credit score. Mainstream lenders place a high emphasis on credit score. Whether you realize it or not, your credit score defines you financially. If you want a loan, credit card or phone contract, everywhere you give your credit score.

Can you get a bad credit loan with us?

There are no loans that are for bad credit. It's often the case that people with a poor credit history seek out bad credit loans. Some lenders, like us, don't give so much importance to credit scores while giving loans. Emergencies can arise anytime. What if your car fails and you have to get to work? Or your pet falls sick and you have to go to the vet? You may want cash, but may not get it because of a less-than-perfect credit score. At such a time, with a low credit score, you won't be eligible for loans with a high street lender. You can then apply for loans for people with bad credit.

Why is getting a loan with a bad credit history difficult?

As explained above, an unsatisfactory credit behavior generates a bad credit history. When you apply for a loan, a lender will use your credit history and current score to assess how risky it is for them to give you a loan. Although many other factors are also considered, these are the deal-breakers. If you prove to be high-risk, you may not get poor credit loans. Your lender may never get back to you. This decision is based on the contents of your credit file.

Can I get your loan even with a very poor credit score?

Yes, that's what we are there for. Your poor credit history and score may not prevent you from getting very bad credit loans. We understand the necessity of emergency money and offer very bad credit loans. You should note that a low score may not get you the best deals. You may be offered a higher interest rate or a lower principal amount.

What if I have never taken credit in the past?

An absence of credit history means lenders don't know how you manage your finances. Without any past data, they can't estimate how much of a risk you are. They don't know whether you'll be able to pay back their loan or not. Therefore, in such cases, lenders don't give loans for people with bad credit. Even if you don't need credit now, you may need it at some point in future. So it's wise to take credit and repay it on time to make a good credit history. This will be helpful in the long run.

How do I check my credit history?

online that allow you access to only certain parts of your report. You may have seen it on TV. If you want a full copy of your credit report, you could register and open an account with one of the credit reference agencies. They are mostly payable but Experian offers a free plan. You can check your credit score with them. It is also updated every month. The report shows your full credit history along with public information like your past addresses.

What if my credit report has errors?

There is always a chance that your report may have some errors or information that is not up-to-date. You've made a late payment but it shows as a missed payment. Or the amount of credit is incorrect. Mistakes are rare but can happen. Such mistakes may be the reason you were denied credit in the past. That's why it is important to look carefully for any discrepancies. If you do find an error, you should get in touch with the original lender and ask them to make changes to their records. If they don't respond, you should then contact the agency itself.

What are the payday loans for bad credit?

Every day, thousands of people are searching the Web for best loans for bad credit. Our Payday loans bad credit is a good option for people with an adverse credit history. If you need a short term loan but have bad credit, you are one of those people looking for ‘loans for people with bad credit'. Bad credit payday loans help customers overcome financial adversities. It is designed to meet an urgent cash need.

How we stand out

If you are an individual with bad credit, you may have to look for loans for people with bad credit. But don't be disheartened. There are other lenders who are looking for people like you. Before you take out a loan, it's a good idea to find out how much you can afford. Lenders might charge you very high interest rates and may not offer the best deals. That's where we stand out. We offer very low interest rates even if you have bad credit. We also provide bad credit loans guaranteed approval.

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